Shoot for the stars, but if you happen to miss, shoot for the moon instead.

Our Approach

We focus on goals that matter.

Your goals should resonate with your values.


We know when we are effective

and, more importantly, when we are not.

This means we know what we are doing is working

…or if it is not.

If it isn’t, we change what we are doing.


Behavioural principles underpin everything we do.

Science and research tell us

how we can change and improve behaviour,

How we can best teach skills

How we can change lives for the better.


Behaviour isn’t just on the surface.

It isn’t just the stuff we can see.

It’s also the stuff we can’t see – thoughts, worries, feelings.

These are just as important as the stuff we can see.


We observe, and we notice. We are curious.

We don’t make assumptions or blanket recommendations

based on a diagnosis or standardised test results.

This means our strategies are truly person-centred.


We use our knowledge of behaviour change

to build the capacity of those around our clients

to work towards inclusion and participation.


Important gains can be achieved by

changing the behaviour and attitudes of others.


This means we can move towards

an inclusive community characterised by

equality of opportunity and experience.


For everyone.

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