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Image shows cartoon of a red haired girl in a purple top and shorts swinging from the lowest branch of a tree. Text says "skill-based therapy" SBT is a gentle behaviour therapy approach.

Skill-Based Therapy (SBT): Bringing Joy to Behaviour Therapy

Add Your Heading Text Here Skill-Based Therapy (SBT): Bringing Joy to Behaviour Therapy At TMB,  we offer a neuro-affirming, trauma-informed approach to behaviour of concern known as Skill-Based Therapy. This approach is rooted in the Skill-Based Treatment Protocol developed by Gregory Hanley and his team,

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Image: A group of teenagers wearing causal clothes walking together. The mood of the picture a laid back and relaxed and the teens are smiling. PEERS bootcamp

PEERS® for Teens Bootcamps – Register now!

PEERS® Program for Teens Boot Camps are coming to our St Ives Clinic in the June/July school holidays. Register your Interest now! What are PEERS® Boot Camps? The PEERS® Program Boot Camps are short, focused workshops for teens aged 12-16. They’re designed to help your

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Image: Child wearing white t shirt and jeans, sitting on the floor with head buried in his arms and legs. The mood of the photo is lonely and conveys that the child is feeling disconnected and may be at risk for behaviour of concern.

Lift-Off: January 2024 Newsletter

  Lift-Off: January 2024 Newsletter! Lift-Off: January 2024 Newsletter Read Our Feature Article The Communication-Behaviour Connection: Identifying Needs, Developing Communication Witnessing your child face difficulties is never easy, especially when they show behaviour of concern that could harm themselves or others. The ripple effect of

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Image: A female adult and child playing happily next to each other. They are not making eye contact and yet they seem connected.

Eye contact: Looking does not mean listening

Eye Contact: Looking Does Not Mean Listening Reconsidering the necessity of eye contact in social interactions. Eye contact has a very particular social role.  It is considered a sign of attentiveness, politeness and interest in what someone else is saying.  I notice examples of this

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Image: A bright and colourful visual schedule for a morning routine.

Visual Schedule- Downloadable

Like the idea of a visual schedule but no time to make one? We’ve got you covered. Our customisable and FREE ‘Get ready for the day’ visual schedule is available for download. Instructions for using this template: 1) Print the pages 2) Cut out the

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Image: A young boy in a white shirt and red pants sitting on a bench putting on his boots.

Visual Schedules

What’s the key to magnificent mornings when we return to school?  Visual schedules! Our founder/Clinical Director, Kristin, tells you all about them! I hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed your summer school holidays. I love the slow pace of the school holidays – nowhere to

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COVID Lockdown and Child Development

The Impact of the COVID Lockdown on Child Development The COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges to Australians unlike any seen in recent times.  I relish the return to some of the ‘normalcy’ we had before.  However, I also see signs that there may be longer-term impacts

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Vocabulary Building Strategies

As children develop language, they may rely on general words like “it” “there” and “thing”.   The English language has heaps of these words.  Designed for efficiency, they can be anything but efficient if they are over-used or used out-of-context.  Read more to find out what

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