Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is designed to address difficulties with speaking, listening, reading, writing, social skills, voice and stuttering.  Speech therapy is conducted by a speech therapist, also known as a speech pathologist or a speech and language pathologist.  Speech therapy at TMB can occur in our clinic, at your home or in a community setting, such as a preschool or school.  We also offer speech therapy via telehealth.  At TMB, our team focus on the goals that are the most meaningful for your child and they do so in a way that is fun and engaging!

How do I know if my child needs to see a speech pathologist or have speech therapy?

Your child may need to see a speech pathologist for an assessment if:

  • They are not meeting their communication milestones.
  • You or other people may have difficulty understanding your child when they speak or your child has trouble producing certain sounds.
  • Your child’s early childhood educator raises concerns about your child’s development. Early childhood educators often have extensive training and experience in child development and are frequently the first professionals to pick up red flags in your child’s development.
  • Your child’s school teacher notices difficulties with social interactions, reading or attention.
  • Your child is a ‘late talker’. Research tells us it’s better to start early intervention with late talkers than to wait-and-see.
  • You notice your child has a stutter

Do I need a referral?

Generally, it is not necessary to get a referral to see a speech pathologist. However, your child may be entitled to a rebate through Medicare for some speech therapy sessions. A referral from your GP is required to claim this rebate.

I’m not sure if my child needs to see a speech pathologist. How can I find out?

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