Weekly Group Programs

Weekly Group Programs run during Term Time.

Secret Agent Society

The Secret Agent Society (SAS) Small Group Program help kids 8 to 12 years of age crack the code of emotions and friendships. Junior Detectives graduate from SAS equipped with the skills to feel happier, calmer and braver while making new friends and keeping them.

Find out more about The Secret Agent Society at TMB here.

Mission Connect (social skills)

For preschool children who would benefit from weekly support in their social and communication development. Children learn in a highly supportive (1 staff: 3 children) format.  Mission Connect helps children with:

  • Transitioning between activities
  • Participating in group activities
  • Task/activity completion
  • Play skills
  • Playing games requiring turn-taking
  • Building communication skills – making requests, asking questions, conversations with peers

Individual goals/programs are tailored to each child.  Each session is planned and implemented by our senior clinical team.

Mission Launchpad (school readiness)

A school readiness program children aged 4-6 who are getting ready for big school.  This program will help them to focus on key skills they need to be successful at school, including:

  • Following the group plan and transitions between activities
  • Participating in group and independent activities
  • Practicing school routines
  • Pre-literacy and numeracy skills
  • Listening and following instructions
  • Social-communication and conversations with peers

Individual programs are tailored to each child, but all children will be learning in a supportive (1 staff: 3 children) small group format. Each session is planned and implemented by our senior clinical team.

Little Rockets (play session for under 3s)

Little Rockets is all about play!! Bring your little one in for an hour of fun activities run by our speech pathologist. Learn about how to support your child’s communication, play and social development. Parents and carers can meet other families, get new information and exchange ideas.  Nannies and au pairs welcome to join in the fun.  Please contact us to inquire about the Little Rockets timetable.

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