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At To the Moon & Back (TMB), we're committed to creating supportive environments and opportunities. Our headquarters is located in St Ives but we also provide mobile services around Sydney. We offer a variety of clinic-based, community, and telehealth therapy and support services. You can find out if we provide mobile services to your area here.

To the Moon & Back's approach is founded on high-quality, evidence-based practices that are tailored to children, adolescents, and adults. We believe in a person-centred approach, where supports are not just about addressing challenges but are also about leveraging personal strengths and interests. This philosophy ensures that our services are not only individualised but also contextually relevant, empowering your child and your family.

As a proud NDIS registered provider, we're committed to collaborating with you and your community to foster inclusive environments where everyone can thrive.

We can accept funding from the following support categories:

Image: 'We heart the NDIS' logo for NDIS registered providers.

Our Vision

A world in which every person manifests their values, strengths and qualities. Where potential becomes competence; possibility leads to achievement.

Our Values

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