Navigating the Australian Landscape of Behaviour Support


In this masterclass, Kristin will explore elements of behaviour support provision under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).


In this masterclass, Kristin will explore elements of behaviour support provision under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). With a focus on knowledge, legislation, and practical application, we designed this session to empower parents, educators, and professionals alike.

1. Understanding Values and Legislation: We begin by exploring the core values that underpin behaviour support within the NDIS framework. Gain a deep understanding of these values and the legislative foundation, equipping you to navigate the intricacies of providing and accessing behaviour support.

2. Positive Behavior Support Capability Framework: Discover how the Positive Behavior Support Capability Framework supports quality behaviour support provision. Learn what qualities, qualifications and skills a behaviour support practitioner should have.

3. Regulatory Framework and Restrictive Practices: Feel confident with the regulatory framework governing the implementation and monitoring of restrictive practices.  A comprehensive understanding of these critical aspects means that you can navigate the regulatory landscape.

4. Behavior Support Funding: Finally, we break down the funding process under the NDIS. Gain insights into how behaviour support is funded, ensuring you can maximize resources for the benefit of those you support.

Join Kristin in this enlightening webinar to sharpen your knowledge to help you navigate the complex world of behaviour support under the NDIS.

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About the facilitator: Kristin Bayley is a dually certified Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and Speech Pathologist with over 25 years of experience working with children and adults with behaviours of concern. She is the Clinical Director of To the Moon & Back, a paediatric therapy centre that provides unparalleled multidisciplinary care, including PBS and speech therapy. She was the founding academic staff member of the postgraduate programs in Applied Behaviour Analysis at Griffith University, which has provided postgraduate education to a large portion of the PBS workforce in Australia. Driven by collaboration and innovation, she strives to foster engaging and nurturing spaces where everyone can learn together to shape meaningful outcomes for children and adults with disabilities.

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