Behaviour Support Plans


In this masterclass, Kristin helps you break down behaviour support plans so that you can get the most from these useful (but sometimes overwhelming) documents.


In this informative webinar, Kristin will help you unravel the principles underpinning the creation of ethical and practical behaviour support plans. With a focus on actionable knowledge, this session equips parents, educators, and professionals to confidently navigate the complexities of behaviour support.

1. Core Principles: Understand the core principles for building ethical and effective behaviour support planning. Understand how these principles serve as the foundation for providing empathetic and impactful support.

2. Components of a Behavior Support Plan: Learn to name and describe the critical components of a comprehensive behaviour support plan. Explore how each element, from assessment to intervention strategies, plays a crucial role in addressing behaviours of concern.

3. Proactive Strategies and Replacement Behaviors: Uncover the significance of proactive strategies and functionally equivalent replacement behaviours in the context of behaviours of concern. Discover how these strategies can lead to lasting and positive transformations.

4. Your Role in Success: Gain clarity on your pivotal role in the success of behaviour support plans. Understand how your expertise, collaboration, and commitment can make a profound difference in the lives of those you support.

Join us in this informative webinar to deepen your understanding of behaviour support plans.  Arm yourself with the knowledge needed to collaborate with behaviour support providers and maximise the positive outcomes for people with behaviour challenges.

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About the facilitator: Kristin Bayley is a dually certified Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and Speech Pathologist with over 25 years of experience working with children and adults with behaviours of concern. She is the Clinical Director of To the Moon & Back, a paediatric therapy centre that provides unparalleled multidisciplinary care, including PBS and speech therapy. She was the founding academic staff member of the postgraduate programs in Applied Behaviour Analysis at Griffith University, which has provided postgraduate education to a large portion of the PBS workforce in Australia. Driven by collaboration and innovation, she strives to foster engaging and nurturing spaces where everyone can learn together to shape meaningful outcomes for children and adults with disabilities.

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