Visual Schedule- Downloadable

Image: A bright and colourful visual schedule for a morning routine.

Visual Schedule- Downloadable

Image shows an example visual schedule

Like the idea of a visual schedule but no time to make one?

We’ve got you covered.

Our customisable and FREE ‘Get ready for the day’ visual schedule is available for download.

Instructions for using this template:

1) Print the pages

2) Cut out the activity options on pages 4-5. Use the blank spaces on page 6 to write down/draw any activities not on the visual schedule template.

3) Paste the activities in the desired order on the template on pages 2-3.

To make it reusable, you can either:

  • laminate using an electronic laminator or self-lamination sheets
  • put into a plastic sheet protector

This also makes the schedule dry-erase marker friendly so your child can tick/cross off the activities on the visual schedule as they complete them!

Wishing you a school year filled with magnificent mornings!


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