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Skill-Based Therapy (SBT): Bringing Joy to Behaviour Therapy

At TMB,  we offer a neuro-affirming, trauma-informed approach to behaviour of concern known as Skill-Based Therapy. This approach is rooted in the Skill-Based Treatment Protocol developed by Gregory Hanley and his team, emphasising skill development as a key to addressing behaviour of concern.

A Closer Look at Our Behaviour Therapy Approach

Skill Based Therapy is our chosen method for providing behaviour therapy for children. This approach is structured around five key stages, each designed to help children develop the skills they need to navigate daily challenges:


Our therapy for behaviour concerns begins with an in-depth interview. This initial conversation helps us understand your family’s needs and the specific behaviours that are causing concern.


The next step in our process involves assessing what brings joy and engagement to your child. Understanding what helps your child to feel happy, relaxed and engaged allows us to explore the underlying reasons for concerning behaviours.

Image shows cartoon image of a young child with curly dark brown hair in a yellow t shirt drawing a picture on yellow paper.
Image: A young child with red hair playing with toy cars. His mother is standing next to him smiling.


A cornerstone of effective behaviour therapy is enhancing communication skills. We focus on empowering your child to express their needs clearly, emphasising the importance of responsive caregiving.

Acceptance and resilience:

Once your child feels confident with their new skills and we have earned their trust that we are listening, we teach them what to do when they cannot have “their way”. Children learn to manage situations when outcomes don’t align with their expectations, building their ability to cope with life’s uncertainties.

Image: A young child with red hair playing with toy cars. His mother is standing next to him smiling.
Image: A young child with red hair playing with toy cars. His mother is standing next to him smiling.


The final stage centres on cooperation. Children learn to ask for what they need and understand when compromises are necessary, preparing them to engage with new experiences positively.  This stage enables children to connect with activities that bring them authentic joy.  

Why Choose TMB for support for your child with behaviour concerns?

At TMB, we’re committed to providing targeted therapy for behaviour issues, focusing on practical skills and compassionate support. Our Skill Based Therapy approach is designed to equip children and families with effective strategies for managing and overcoming behaviour concerns, ensuring a supportive and understanding environment every step of the way.  Interested in Skill-Based Therapy for your child? Contact us

Image shows cartoon of a red haired girl in a purple top and shorts swinging from the lowest branch of a tree. Text says "skill-based therapy" SBT is a gentle behaviour therapy approach.

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