Intensive Therapy Programs

At To the Moon and Back, our intensive therapy programs are based on the principles of applied behaviour analysis.  Applied behaviour analysis is the science of human behaviour.  It helps us to understand your child’s behaviour and how we can change the environment to promote more positive behaviour and skill development.


We will work closely with you to ensure that your program aligns with best practices and achieves the optimal outcomes for your child and your family.


TMB has a strong training and professional development program for their behaviour therapists.  We also provide a high degree of oversight and supervision of our intensive programs.  This ensures we can provide high-quality and accountable services to our clients.

What are the benefits of an intensive therapy model?

Intensive therapy programs have significant benefits for autistic children in early childhood when compared to less intensive, traditional models of therapy.   They have been shown to result in:

  • significant increases in language and communication skills,
  • improved attention, focus,
  • enhanced social communication, and
  • development of academic skills.

ABA therapy programs are considered an evidence-based practice by authoritative bodies within Australia and abroad. Being ‘evidence-based’ means that the benefits have been evaluated scientifically, and the results of those studies show strong positive outcomes.

  • Want to know more about the research? Click here.

What happens in sessions?

An intensive therapy session at TMB doesn’t look like therapy.  It looks like fun!

Lots of play!

Play is the best way for children to learn. Play activities provide a rich foundation for building communication, engagement and social interaction.

Bubbles, disco lights, slime, swinging, and water balloons! Anything goes when it comes to engaging your child and having fun.  (Don’t worry – we clean up after ourselves too!!)

Predictable structure

The structure and activities of therapy sessions depend on the needs and preferences of your child. Your therapy team will assess your child and use this information to design a therapy program just for them.  We support your child to feel in control of their therapy through choices, visuals and scheduled ‘down-time’ as needed!

Heaps of repetition, practice and generalisation opportunities

During a session, we may work on a wide variety of skills, including but not limited to: communication; play; visual-spatial skills; imitation; and daily living skills.  We work in a variety of environments and rooms.  Don’t be surprised if you find us round the back bouncing on the trampoline.


The secret ingredient to every session.   Our therapists are experts on motivation and engagement.  Your child should be excited for every therapy session.

Parent involvement

Please join in the fun! We encourage parents to participate in therapy sessions whenever possible.

How are parents involved?

As fabulous as our therapy team is, we can’t do it without you!  You play a critical role in helping your child on their path of progress. You will receive ongoing coaching and mentorship in the strategies that will help make home life more harmonious and that will support your child to reach their goals.

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