Our comprehensive ABA therapy programs are based on the principles of applied behaviour analysis.


"Applied" means that we focus on skills and behaviours that will make a meaningful difference to you and your child.


"Behaviour" means we reduce behaviours of concern and teacher skills to improve quality of life.


"Analysis" means that we seek first to understand your child's behaviour.

ABA Therapy at TMB

Our programs are neurodiversity-affirming.  This means that we set goals to allow the child to find joy in being their authentic self whilst also building their skills.  We prioritise connection and self-advocacy skills.  Your child is our guide as we support them in finding their preferences, interests and skills.


TMB’s knowledgeable, experienced ABA therapists and behaviour consultants help your child learn new skills in various areas, such as communication, play, social engagement and self-care.

ABA therapy can help your child learn important skills

What are the benefits of ABA therapy?

ABA programs can have significant benefits for autistic children in early childhood.  They have been shown to result in:

  • significant increases in language and communication skills,
  • improved attention, focus,
  • enhanced social communication, and
  • development of academic skills.

Applied behaviour analysis is an evidence-based practice. Being evidence-based means that the benefits have been evaluated scientifically, and the results of those studies show strong positive outcomes.

What happens in an ABA therapy session?


Play is the best way for children to learn. Play activities provide a rich foundation for communication, engagement and social interaction.


The structure and activities of therapy sessions depend on the needs and preferences of your child. We are responsive so your child feels heard.


The secret ingredient to every session. Our therapists are experts on motivation and engagement. Your child should be excited about every therapy session.
Parent Involvement
Please join in the fun! We encourage parents to participate in therapy sessions whenever possible.

To the Moon & Back

See how high your child can fly!

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