PEERS® for Teens Bootcamps – Register now!

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PEERS® for Teens Bootcamps – Register now!

PEERS® Program for Teens Boot Camps are coming to our St Ives Clinic in the June/July school holidays. Register your Interest now!

What are PEERS® Boot Camps?

The PEERS® Program Boot Camps are short, focused workshops for teens aged 12-16. They’re designed to help your child rapidly develop and practice their social skills in a focused and supportive setting. These boot camps usually last for three half days and cover the key topics of the PEERS (Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills) curriculum.

The workshops aim to boost your teen’s confidence and social skills by participating in different activities and exercises that simulate typical everyday social situations. This includes practising through role-playing, group chats, and structured social exercises.

We’ll provide parents with all the support and education they need in two online webinars where they will be taught to coach their teens through practice and constructive feedback.

Experienced facilitators lead our boot camps.  These facilitators offer guidance, feedback, and encouragement every step of the way. The PEERS® Boot Camps have demonstrated promising outcomes with improvements in social skills and overall quality of life for participants facing challenges like autism, ADHD, and other social difficulties.

What topics are covered in the PEERS® Boot Camp?

We currently alternate offerings of PEERS® Bootcamp for Friendship and Conversation Skills.

What do Conversation Skills Boot Camps cover?

  • Starting and entering conversations
  • Trading information
  • Maintaining conversation
  • Appropriate conversation topics
  • Exiting conversations
  • Electronic communication
  • Use of humour

What do Friendship Bootcamps cover?

  • Maintaining reciprocal conversations
  • Choosing appropriate friends
  • Finding a source of friends
  • Good sportsmanship and handling disagreements
  • Organising get-togethers

How are PEERS® Boot Camps run?

We run the PEERS Boot Camps as intensive blocks over three half days in our St Ives Clinic during the school holidays.

The program also includes two parent coaching webinars at the start and end of the program.  This will assist parents/caregivers to support their teens throughout the program and beyond.

What age group are the Boot Camps for?

Teenagers between 12-16 years old.

Where are the Boot Camps run?

We run the boot camps at our St Ives clinic. Our address is 13/177 MONA VALE ROAD
St Ives, NSW 2075.

My child has already attended the SAS program, how will the PEERS® program help?

The PEERS® program complements and builds upon the skills taught in the Secret Agent Society (SAS) program. As Secret Agent Society graduates transition into adolescence, the PEERS Boot Camps will assist them confidently navigating more sophisticated social interactions and build genuine friendships with their peers.

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